Boardmaker Online

Boardmaker Online is a complete system for delivering personalized instruction and therapy while also measuring student progress. Download a free 30 day trial of Boardmaker Online now!

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Boardmaker Studio

Boardmaker Studio is a fast and easy way to create professional looking interactive and print materials. Try it today and get a quick start on activities your students will love.

Boardmaker Classic

Whether you are creating interactive books or communication boards, the Boardmaker Classic Family has the right product to fit your specific needs. Try one of these must-have products today.

Boardmaker Player

Want to reach every student with engaging onscreen activities? Download this free trial of Boardmaker Player so that your Boardmaker activities can be used on any computer.


Semesterware gives you all the features of Boardmaker Studio or Boardmaker Plus! for the entire semester, letting you introduce it to your students as you incorporate it into coursework and assignments.

Lab Loans

Designed for professionals who will be leading trainings on Boardmaker Studio or Boardmaker Plus!, Lab Loans lets you use the software you need for the day(s) of your training.

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ā€œIā€™m a teacher and my classroom is filled with a range of students with different needs and goals. Boardmaker Studio lets me create and adapt materials that support all of them with tools that let me add symbols to stories and create labels in multiple languages.ā€
ā€“ Marietta

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